Theatre Preparation

Preparing for theatre

The Questions below represent commonly asked questions prior to theatre. Please note that this is a guideline. Please adhere to the instructions that the doctor may have provided specifically in your case.

Also note: The times given represent a patient planned for the beginning of the list i.e. all patients are prepared as if they are 1st on the list. However, the order is usually youngest to oldest child followed by the adults.

The reasoning behind this is if any pateints are cancelled, the list can continue without delays. The disadvantage is that there may be some patients, esp children, becoming hungry and crabby. We assure you, our intention is not to anger or inconvenience anyone. For safety reasons, an empty stomach is required for anaesthesia. If long delays are expected, the patients going later will be given clear fluids until such time calculated according to their anticipated start time. Some pateints may be even started on an intravenous infusion.

Finally, the order of the list can be altered for medical reasons. There is thus no guarantee on time. Please be patient as we do not rush operations. You will also be attended to in the most considered, safe and precise manner.

How do we go about getting the authorization?
Our staff will assist you with the coding required and the procedure followed. They will also do a authorization confirmation.

Who will be the anaesthetist?
The attending anaesthetist will depend on the day and slot. Please ask our reception for their contact details. We encourage all patients to contact the anaesthetist to discuss medical problems and in fact also billing rates.

If you have a chronic illness or you are on chronic medication, remember to take your medication as normal and to bring it with you to the hospital. The only exception is blood thinning medications. Examples are aspirin and aspirin containing medications, Plavix, Warfirin, etc. Remember Arnica and Gingko Biloba fall into the same catergory. These should be stopped at least 1 week prior to surgery in consultation with the attending doctor.

If for some reason you cannot undergo the operation, please contact us. Theatre and hospital staff need to be informed of these changes, and this will allow us to make provision for other patients. Failure to do so may result in you being liable for a cancellation fee.

What time do we stop having food or milk?
For morning lists, the theoratical latest is 2am, but pratically when you go to sleep.
For afternoon lists, 8am

What time do we stop breastfeeding?
If the child undergoing surgery is breastfeeding or taking expressed BREAST MILK:
For morning lists, 4am.
For afternoon lists, 10am.

What time do we stop clear fluids?Eg. Apple juice or water
For morning lists, 6am.
For afternnon lists 12noon.

When do we arrive at the hospital?
For moring lists, 06h30.
For afternoon lists, 12h30.

What do we bring?
Suitable pyjamas for the patient and an extra set of cloths. The Medical aid card. The ID of the main member and dependant (if applicable).

Where do we go to?
Please make you way to the hospital reception, not the consulting rooms.

When will we see the anaesthetist?
Based on the timing, the anaesthetist will try to see you before the list starts.

Where and when will I see my surgeon?
Usually in theatre or in the ward prior to the operation. Please note any questions, as you will have time to ask again here.

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