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  1. Hi doc
    Thank you for helping our son.he has fully recovered and he now eats everything.keep up the good work and u have a great personality
    (JN Feb 2014)

  2. Dr Ismail
    Thank you so much for making K’ s Operation , so much more comfortable than it could have been.
    I am very happy with the service of your staff and pre op process, but most of all I am extremely grateful to you for your great work and patience with both K and ourselves. You understand that each patient is unique and special. Through the whole procedure you made us know and feel that our son was in good hands. We do appreciate everything you have done for K as well as giving us comfort in the below email , answering our questions as well as continued support.
    Many Thanks
    P and N
    Oct 2013

  3. Dear Khaleel
    We wanted to say thank you for the way in which you looked after LB (pre, post and during). You made us feel reassured that she was in good hands and your willingness to answer all our questions (like you are hearing them for the first time) was appreciated. I can see that you love what you do and genuinely care for your little patients. LB also wanted to thank you for taking the ‘ouches’’ away J
    Warm Regards
    S, K and LB (July 2014)

  4. Morning Dr Ismail
    Thank you for the email
    Observations: the check in time vs the time
    We got operated was far too long, keeping little people
    In a hospital room was difficult, however I must commend you
    On your skill. My son Manu has showed no signs of being operated on,
    I would like to largely attribute that to you. In Sesotho we have a saying
    “Ke letshoho la motho”, translation: it’s due to the hand of the person.
    I would like to add, heart as well, as the passion is translated in results.
    Thank you for your passion, my son is healthy and about, with a healthy fear for ninja’s
    All my doing, but your handiwork has made my portion(mothering)
    Slightly easier, and for that I’m grateful.
    Looking forward bro seeing you for post op assessments
    In a week.
    Have a blessed (holy) Sunday.
    Thank you again!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Good Afternoon Dr Ismail
    I just wanted to say thank you very much for being such a great doctor, from the 4th of May I was 100% better. It now feels like I have never had surgery and I will continue to tell people about your great services. I will definitely bring my daughter to you for her tonsils.
    Kind regards

  6. Dear Dr Ismail,
    I hope you are keeping well. Thank you so much for the outstanding services we enjoyed at your medical facility when M and I visited you in April on his hearing problem. The services surpassed my expectation…….
    …..Thak you for your good work.

  7. Thank you so much for your efficient service and for making “A” feel so comfortable and at ease, and please convey this to the anaesthetist as well (she was brilliant)
    LA – May 2016

  8. Hi Dr Ismail,

    I’d just like to thank you on behalf of C and I for taking such good and gentle care of L. She was so comfortable with you from the start. Thank you! And thank you to Dr Mohammed; he is fantastic. You both made such a traumatic express so much more bearable.

    GT May 2016

  9. Good afternoon Dr Ismail.
    Thank you so,so much for everything that you’ve done for my dad. I highly appreciate the great courtesy you’ve shown in keeping me constantly updated.
    Truly you offer an excellent service to your patients. May you be motivated to keep up the great work you are doing and I will definitely not hesitate to refer anyone I know, that needs an ENT specialist, to you.
    May you be richly blessed!
    LM June 2016

  10. Dear Dr Ismail

    Asalaam muyalaaykum
    I hope you had a very lovely and blessed Eid.

    I am writing on behalf of my family to just say thank you very much for the wonderful treatment. I suspect operations are generally harder for those NOT being stabbed with an anesthetic needle and I know my family were quite worried about me. Also that they are all very far away and were not close by for the post-operative recovery.

    So we would like to thank you so much for your absolute care, for sharing information, for responding immediately to my email, and to very carefully explaining every step (to both me and my father).

    As someone who has grown up in hospitals and doctors rooms, I am a firm believer that 90% of recovery is based on faith in the health care provider. Your care and concern have been quite amazing and I am really relieved that you had an opening that day Dr S sent me over to your offices.

    Many thank again
    Wishing you well for your future
    Til we meet in the theatre room next time!
    KJ – July 2016

  11. Hi Dr Khaleel
    Thank you for your wonderful care. So far, I’ve been surprised by how well the surgery went, and thank you for your great work and for caring for me so well.
    The info is very useful – I had a few questions about exercise which you’ve answered.
    I will schedule a follow up…
    May I commend you on your communication below – it’s rare to find a doctor, or specialist professional of any kind, who communicates so well. It’s invaluable, so thank you for that. I may ask to keep your email as an example of good communication.
    Have a lovely evening, and see you next week.

  12. I am writing just a small note with tears of joy to express my gratitude to both yourself Dr. Khaleel Ismail & Dr. Muhammed Moolla. My sinus and asthma specialist Angels! I don’t even know how to start ….

    The competency of you and your team was awe inspiring, and I couldn’t have been more lucky that you were the ENT surgeon and ICU physician on duty when I came into the hospital on the 24th January.

    The fact that I am still here is a miracle. I know that you probably save a lot of lives in a given year, but I want to let you know that this life is forever grateful.

    The work you do is so important and stressful but yet you do it so much passion in every way possible. May you both stay blessed and that Allah give you strength to continue with the exceptional work you both are doing. You both are very highly skilled professionals with a great sense of humour as well I must highly compliment you on that. I can never deal with a grumpy doctor so thanks for your cheerfulness and always making a patient feel special regardless of the circumstances.

    NJ Jan 2017

  13. Good afternoon Doctor Ismail
    Thank you for a most professional service.
    My son is doing so great…and already 100 times better than he was. We will make a follow up appointment.

    Kind Regards
    MRS F
    Feb 2017

  14. Hi Dr Ismail
    Thank you so much, you have been the most amazing Dr we have worked with.
    L is doing very well.
    Have a fantastic rest of your week.
    DVDW – April 2017

  15. Dear Dr Ismail

    I would just like to say thank you for such a successful operation.
    I was expecting a lot worse and to be in pain but I feel the exact opposite.

    Thank you kindly and I’ll see you for the follow up appointment.

    PM Aug 2017

  16. Dear Dr Ismail, Dr Cantrell & Steven,

    A very big THANK YOU, for making L’s operation this morning so comfortable.

    She is really doing well and this is no doubt due to the excellent care she has received since seeing you Dr Ismail.

    Thank you for all the information beforehand Steven, and for reassuring us of the process and assisting with the administration side so efficiently.

    Dr Ismail, this morning was so smooth & kind & comfortable and you could not have done more to make her (& us) feel safe and looked after.

    The staff at DGMC were also amazing with us as a family and we’re so appreciative for all the attention and care we received.

    Dr Cantrell made sure we understood the running order of things, helped me feel calm going into Theatre and was excellent explaining the post care treatment. She was so warm and made us all as relaxed as we could be. Please pass on our thanks to her.

    I know you all do this every day but thank you so much for what you do! You are such talented and gifted people and we so appreciate you taking such good care of our little girl, making us feel like a priority in your busy schedules.

    L ate a full lunch and is having a great sleep now. She is full of beans and pretty much back to her happy, feisty self.

    We will follow your post op care instructions carefully and try keep her recovery as seamless as the procedure has been to date.

    See you next week.

    Warm regards

    B & L V
    & L xxx

  17. Dear Dr Khaleel
    Thank you so much for the professional manner as well as comforting way in which you dealt with my daughter
    I truly appreciate all you have done
    Thank you

  18. Dearest Dr Ismail
    Thank you for being amazing with little M and with us , we really appreciate your excellent service that you and your staff has given us and has made this whole experience so much easier for us .
    Kind regards

  19. Hello Dr. Ismail,
    I hope that things are good with you. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you did on A’s ears- she can hear so clearly now, it is wonderful. We will be coming back to South Africa for vacation again in March/April so I will book an appointment closer to the time for her to have a checkup with you……….
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards,

  20. Hi Dr Ismail
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the awesome care with my ailment. My sinus problem has been such a long ongoing problem and I have every confidence in you I have found the best there is to fix it.
    Kind regards
    VO Jan 2018

  21. Dear Dr Khaleel
    This is to sincerely thank you, Dr Hockman, 94.7, hear for life and the entire implant team who helped to make this journey of mine a success. This last 6 months after my operation has really changed my life. Little did I realise what a big difference this op has been for me. It has improved my quality of life in a way that I could never imagine and has opened my mind to new possibilities.
    Words are not enough for me to express my gratitude to the entire team who has worked to make this possible for me. I have become more confident in speaking around people and I am no longer afraid to express my opinion…
    AW Jan 2018

  22. Dear Doctor Ismail
    I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us.
    You are a prime example of how Doctors must be and may you be blessed to continue to serve your patients for a long time.
    RH – Feb 2018

  23. Thank you, Doctor Ismail. I’m glad I had the procedure done and I’m glad I came to you. While any operation is nerve racking, I feel very safe in your care.
    CM – Feb 2018

  24. Dear Dr Ismail
    We would like to thank you most sincerely of giving so generously of your time and expertise to our children at FTS, for so many years.
    We really do appreciate the interest you have shown and the knowledge you have imparted to us.
    Your contribution has been invaluable to our children and we are so grateful for all your efforts.
    Kind Regards
    ST at FTS
    Mar 2018

  25. Good Morning Dr Ismail
    I first would like to Thank you and the Anaesthetist for the pain free experience and respecting my decision on not removing the bone procedure to create a bypass.
    With regards to the post op, I am currently not experiencing any pain and I will make the call just now for next weeks appointment.
    We will discuss further when we meet again.
    You and your team has really made such a difference and really kept up the standard and my faith for all surgeons again.
    Thank you once again
    Kind Regards
    HP (April 2018)

  26. Dear Dr Ismail,
    It was only a pleasure entrusting you to perform the operation on my child. The mere thought of sending my child to theatre is traumatizing and stressful, but caring doctors like you make the experience much more manageable. Thank you for showing so much care and attention.
    Kind regards
    H (May 2018)

  27. Hi Dr Ismail,
    Thanks so much for your caring manner in dealing with your patients. Especially my little one. It doesn’t go unnoticed.
    L (May2018)

  28. Salaam Dr. Khaleel;
    JazakAllah once more for all your efforts.
    We pleased to inform you that T was well from after the operation to this day. He did experience slight bleeding from time to time but we managed that, and also did not touch the nose until yesterday in hope that it would heal properly.
    The eyes also are not clogging up anymore and for that we, and I’m sure him also, are truly grateful.
    Please (convey) to Dr. Tayob our greetings and gratitude.
    Kind Regards,
    TS (May 2018)

  29. Hi Dr Ismail,
    Thank you so much for making the day stress-free for us and the professional manner in which everything was done – it is much appreciated.
    Thank you for the notes below, they are a great help and I will follow these instructions to the letter.
    R had a good night’s sleep last night and is her jolly / happy self.
    YS June 2018

  30. Dear Doctor Ismail,
    I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me.
    Your pleasant bedside manners, passion and dedication to your job is highly commendable.
    I have no reservations in recommending you to my family, friends or clients.
    Here’s wishing you every success in your career going forward.
    MCS June 2018

  31. Dr Ismail,
    Firstly thank you for everything.
    We more than appreciate what you have done to help our B Boy 😊
    The info below is comprehensive and useful.
    Also the admission process and dealing with you office staff was pleasant and painless.
    Thanks again,
    L and R
    July 2018

  32. Dr Ismail
    Thank you so much for the quick assistance…….
    Furthermore i can say this has been the best experience that i have had in the medical industry for a very long time and i will be recommending you to anyone i hear of that needs an ENT. Thank you doc!!
    kind regards
    K – July 2018

  33. Dearest Dr Ismail and Fathima,
    On behalf of my husband and myself, we would like to say a HUGE Thank You……
    I am certainly beyond floored not only with this blessing but with this practice as a whole. There is no one person there that has not displayed total professionalism and for that we cannot thank you all enough for.
    I am so happy we have found you.
    R is doing fantastic and is finally sleeping through. Dad (C) is also much better and I have seen a big change in him.
    THANK YOU Dr Ismail for the beautiful person you are.
    Regards and Take Care
    F&M S (Aug 2018)

  34. Dear Dr Ismail
    Thank you for the brilliant care you gave “C” during his operation. We have no doubt that the grommets are going to make a huge difference.
    Thank you so much!
    Kind regards
    “A” (Nov 2018)

  35. I’d like to thank you and Doc Cantrell for being so kind and caring as well as making the experience so seamless and calming.
    I really appreciate all that you do and the professionalism you show.
    Kindest Regards (Mar 2019)

  36. Many thanks for everything – your performance at every level – both clinical and surgical – can only be described as SUPERLATIVE .

    Prof HS
    (Oct 2019)

  37. Really good service,
    Dr Khaleel honestly goes the extra mile he is a great dokter very kind and caring
    I will recommend him to anyone
    And hes staff gives really good information about everything and just really good service and a great team
    (07 2020)

  38. I was amazed at the level of care that Dr Ismail has shown. The indemnity form definitely created a lot of anxiety and fear but after having the procedure done I am blown away at how precise and clean the doctor was. I experienced no bruising and only slight swelling and discomfort. I have had sinus headaches worse than this. An the best part is that I can breathe freely.
    (2021 Feb)

  39. Hi Dr Ismail
    Hope you well.
    Just want to say a big Thank you to you from my self and hubby, thank you so much for making a very stressful experience very calm and comfortable for us. We really appreciate it, and we very thankful.
    It was a complete pleasure knowing our son was in good hands and well taken care of, thank you for taking such good care of him.
    Kind regards
    NP (2021 April)

  40. Brilliant Doctor with strong humanity and excellent communication and feedback skills. Love how easy all the admin is with his online platforms via email links, and his obviously competent staff! . Best “medical” experience we have ever had the privilege of having.

    Anon May 2022

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